Her Royal Tubness

Her Royal Tubness

This is Sky.

Yes, we are those crazy cat people. We take a zillion pictures and text them to each other, in order to refrain from over-share on the social networks. We gaze at her adoringly, ignoring whatever work we were doing. We take the time to smoosh our faces into her fur, which I'm pretty sure she tolerates only because we feed her regularly. She returns the favor by a motorboat purr, making sure to be in whatever room we're in, demanding bed space between our heads at night, snoozing under the covers by our feet in the morning, and flinging her substantial bodily self upon the floor to request tummy rubs.

We started taking care of Sky in October of 2011. The first decade of her life was spent in the very good care of Charlie's sister and her family, but it was decided that we would be able to care for her more easily now there were two little kids at her previous home.

In June of 2012 we had a big scare when Sky stopped eating, lost a lot of weight, and became very lethargic. After we spent a lot of money and emergency subcutaneous fluids at the vet, we were told she has but one working kidney and the other was failing. We made the heartbreaking decision to put her down. The day we brought her in (which so far has been one of the worst days of my life) the vet said she looked so much better, and she might just have an infection. Would we like to spend some more money and try antibiotics to see if it clears up? Um, YES. So we did, and she got better. It took weeks of medicine, subcutaneous fluids, and, for about a week, poop everywhere (mostly on the bed). These days, Sky is doing really well, and sometimes rewards us by puking her hairballs on the hard floor instead of the carpet.

Need more Sky? Of course you do. Check out SkyPics for some cuteness.

Her nicknames include Her Royal Tubness, duck butt, sheet sausage, and KITTY!