Cleaning domination of cat barf

For the time being, I'm ignoring that I've not posted in nearly a year. A lot has happened and maybe someday I'll have my shit enough together that I can concurrently write my nonsense and work. 

It's always a pleasure at 6:15am, awaking to the sounds of "HUURURRRRCK!! CCHCH! AACH!" emanating from beneath the bed, accompanied by the stench of barf that can only come from an exclusively wet-stinky-food diet. I have asserted my superiority over The Barf by discovering the secret to removing the stain and smell from (at least our) light rug. 

  1. Remove extra barf with paper towel. Be brave, and hold your breath.
  2. Dump on Bio-Kleen Bac-out. Be liberal, dump away. Think of the stink. Think of the children.
  3. Meanwhile, mix 1 tbps oxygen bleach in about 3 cups of HOT water.
  4. Bust out your favorite microfiber cloth (maybe a sponge or other rag would work, but why don't you have microfiber?) and dip in the oxygen bleach and water mixture.
  5. Approach the barf. Don't let it see you coming, for you will lose the element of surprise.
  6. Dip, wipe, dip, wipe. Make sure it gets a little damp, or the oxygen bleach can't do magic for you.
  7. Watch barf disappear in short order. Commence victory dance.

This technique also works on days-old barf stains. Because sometimes other techniques don't work as well. Or you got distracted mid-cleanup by shiny things and the internet. Use this method and love your cat (and rug) more.

 Our oft-abused bedroom rug

Our oft-abused bedroom rug