Pardon the break

I had SO MUCH fodder for excellent posting the past 6 months. Since my last post, I've starred in a show, traveled to Japan, started a new job, traveled for a wedding, hosted Thanksgiving, got swept up in the the whirlwind that is The Holidays, and all that while planning my wedding and getting married in Chicago in January.

A slightly more organized person would have been writing about all the excitement. Instead, I came up with fabulous blog post ideas, mentally noted them, and immediately forgot. Something about this winter has me lethargically moving from one calendar event to the next and when I have a moment to myself I have yet to think, "YES, I have time to work on my blog now." Or rather, I do think that very thing, and then I go watch TV or read the entire Internet instead.

So while I'm not promising anything, just know, ye handful of friends and family that read this, that I am thinking about writing and hopefully can do more than think about it in the near future. And with that, I leave you an adorable picture from just eight weeks ago: