Recently, the Rhymes with Greer household had made to the decision that once all the booze in the apartment was gone, there would be no more to replace it, at least for a while. A Manhattan or scotch on the rocks every evening wasn't necessary, and often one would turn into two, two into three. Pretty soon we'd have ordered take out, finished off the most recent season of Doctor Who and started in on Torchwood before realizing it was one or two in the morning. What we needed was a break from that dubious ritual, and the way to get it was to deny ourselves the pleasure for a time.

But no alcohol left a bit of a hole. It's a bit weird to admit it, actually, as it makes us seem a bit dependent, but that's not what it was. I didn't want the alcohol as much as I wanted a drink worthy of sipping that held up to standards of adultness. Water is great, but that wasn't going to cut it all the time.

I came up with just the thing, and dubbed it Gingerade.


Gingerade Concentrate


  • 1 hand-sized chunk of fresh ginger root (about 6 oz)
  • Juice of 3 limes
  • 1/4 - 1/3 cup honey
  • 4 cups boiling water


          Set the water to boil while you cut the ginger (no peeling necessary) into rough coins. Put the ginger into the food processor and pulse until well-chopped (you can also chop the ginger by hand, it just takes a little longer).

          Place the chopped ginger into a big jar or a large bowl.

          Allow the ginger to steep until the water is cool enough to handle (at least 30 minutes).

          Pour the ginger and water through a strainer into a large bowl, and press the ginger pulp with a rubber spatula to squeeze out all the water.

          Stir in lime juice and honey until dissolved. Store the concentrate in the same jar.

          To Serve

          Pour about an inch of concentrate into a glass and add sparkling water to taste. We use a ratio of about 5:1 water to concentrate. Store concentrate in the fridge and enjoy as much as you like.


          ginger and limes sm.jpg