CSA Saturday: Eat all the leaves

Remember how I said we use up our share too quickly? I mentioned it off handedly at the pickup this morning, and a woman thoughtfully offered me her head of lettuce, which I took. Then, too late, I remembered that Charlie is out of town until Wednesday evening. 

I need to eat this much: 

 Four pounds of fiber

Four pounds of fiber

Also, it's eleventy billion degrees and I refuse to turn on the oven. I picked up a fellow CSA-member's share this morning, and even though it's only a 12 minute walk to the pick-up site, I was pretty sure I left most of myself in a puddle on Ocean Avenue after carrying that much produce.

Which means, I suppose, that I should not complain about my abundance of no-or-little-cooking-needed food. Besides plain ol' salad, I'm looking forward to making kimchi with the napa cabbage, and I love arugula lightly sautéed or tossed in with regular lettuce. Lettuce wraps are another favorite, or using lettuce leaves as a vehicle for guacamole. 

How are you staying cool this weekend?