A wee vacation

After two weekends in a row of friends visiting, I'm spending a week in San Diego with my cousin, her husband, and their adorable 10-week-old baby. Mostly we're just hanging out, but so far we have managed to get fish tacos, dine out twice for Dining Out for Life , the baby has napped on "Aunt" Greer multiple times, and sat out in the awesome weather for a solid hour. And I've only been here two days! I've got a few to go, and while we've planned a lunch date and a visit to Balboa Park, I imagine most of the time will be spent simply enjoying one another's company. And smelling the baby. (Seriously, have you ever smelled a baby? So good.) 

While I'm here I'm attempting to take some time to work on Poppea . I really must finish out my translation and get cracking on my word salad. Because librettos-Baroque Italian sometimes written with Yoda in mind are!

WIth that, a parting photo of le bebe and his cousin-auntie: 

auntie greer.jpg