Never take coffee for granted

Brooklyn turned off our water this morning. We hadn't seen the notice, because the old one from two weeks ago had not been taken down so I'd started ignoring it. But lo, I woke up this morning, went to the bathroom, and the toilet wouldn't flush. This meant NO COFFEE! Off to a bad start after a sleepless night. Thinking we'd been unfairly kept in the dark, I put on some clothes to go check the door downstairs where these types of notices are posted. As I was locking the door to my apartment, our next-door neighbor came out of his apartment and asked "Excuse me, do you know when they'll be turning the water back on?" I said I had no idea, and was going to check the door. He came with me and we joked about how neither of us knew it was happening - sadly for him, he'd been in the shower. I lamented my lack of coffee.

The notice on the door did indeed reflect a water shut off for today. We went back to our apartments. After stomping around a bit and pouting, I put on a warmer top and grabbed my purse to go remedy the no-coffee situation. On my way out I saw the same neighbor.

"Going to get some coffee, then?" he said with a smile. 

"Water, actually - then I'll just make coffee here," I returned.

"Well, in that case, I have some water in my kettle. I'm leaving for the day so go ahead and have it! It'll get you at least one cup."  I admit, I squealed and clapped my hands when he made the offer.

He disappeared into his apartment and emerged with a tea kettle. I'd grabbed our electric kettle from the counter and he poured it in. Half a liter! Between that and the bit we had left in our water jugs, an entire pot of coffee would soon be coming.  

I thanked him profusely and then immediately sat down to write this post. It's amazing the little things that will brighten your day - a friendly neighbor with a bit of extra water. The ability to have my coffee before running the day's errands (which still includes buying bottled water). The great relief that comes from knowing we did the laundry yesterday when there was water aplenty. Remembering that normally we have all the clean water we can possibly want, and going without for a day here and there for city repairs is not too much to ask.

Today will be a good day, I've decided.


 Glorious, glorious coffee.

Glorious, glorious coffee.