An elegant solution

Dry winter air got you down? Is that corner in your bedroom lacking some pizzazz? Ladies and gentlemen, look no further for your humidity control and room design needs!  You, too, can enhance ambiance and grace in every corner of your home with this elegant solution from Rhymes With Greer. And it's all yours for FREE! Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below and start enjoying your setup immediately.

Items needed

1 window A/C or portable room fan
1 window with cloth curtain panel
1 litter box, WITH COVER (essential!)
1 medium sized bowl
1 tea or kitchen towel
2 safety pins


Make sure to place your litter box underneath the window you have chosen. Fill the bowl 3/4 of the way with water, soak the tea towel and it wring out. Set the bowl with the remaining water in it on top of the litter box's cover. Arrange the tea towel so that it hangs the long way, with one end dangling in the bowl. Pin the tea towel by the top two corners to the curtain panel, making sure it goes across the A/C (or fan, if you're using that). Turn on the A/C, and there you have it! Perfect 30% humidity for your room, plus so good looking to boot.


 Who doesn't want this in every room of the apartment?

Who doesn't want this in every room of the apartment?

...yeah, I better go order that cute wooden humidifier.  I also found this eco-humidifier, but honestly it looks like a pile of diapers, and I think I'd rather save my $20 and continue my awesome wet-towel-wicking solution.