Oh the humidity! (or lack thereof)

The Crane "Drop" humidifier we bought last winter finally got so gross we couldn't use it anymore. No matter how much I let the thing soak with vinegar and hot water, the pinkish moldy gunk would not go away, so we decided it was best not to inhale that and chucked it. In the meantime we've spent January and February without any humidifying of the bedroom, and let me tell you, my nose does not appreciate it in the morning.

So today, I decided to do this as a temporary measure:


ghetto humidity.jpg

It's just an upside-down bowl in a pan, covered by a rag with a half inch or so of water. My hope is that the surface area of the rag will help distribute the water to the air more quickly, while at the same time reaching into the water and wicking it up so it stays damp.

I was looking for better looking humidifiers that actually worked, could be cleaned, and were not a fortune when I came across a posting for Japanese wooden humidifiers that work like wicks to distribute moisture into the air. What a fab idea! And since the link I found was broken (I thought), I proceeded a frantic search (Google fail. Etsy win!) for where to buy one that was not on a website written in Japanese (though if it came to that, at least I know people who can help), and one that was available sooner than 2-3 months.


 Eco Humidifier Made of Japanese Hinoki Cypress

Eco Humidifier Made of Japanese Hinoki Cypress

Because SERIOUSLY? I would like to have that in my house even if it wasn't useful.  But useful and beautiful? I can always find space for that. Plus, no electricity wasted, no need to store it for the summer, no filters to clean, no bulky water reservoirs...and about the same price as any old ugly plastic humidifier. Victory.