Meditation on moving

Mostly, I hate it. 

It's stressful, disruptive, difficult to organize, and no matter how organized you are (and those of you who know Charlie and me know - we ARE) everything seems to happen at the last minute. On the other hand, it can be an excuse to throw away or donate junk (do we really need those chipped bowls I got in San Francisco's Chinatown for $3 each 11 years ago?) and excitedly discuss the furniture layout of The New Place. If it wasn't for all the packing and unpacking I'd probably enjoy it a lot more.


When we moved to NYC a year ago I swore up and down that we WERE NOT MOVING. For at least 2 years. I had moved 3 times in 18 months during a period of my life which was less than settled. But life happened, as it does, and Charlie started grad school at NYU full time, requiring us to move to more economical quarters. Luckily we found a great apartment in Brooklyn with a massive kitchen and an elevator. No more 5th floor walk up! We're signing the lease tomorrow and move in next week. As in, 6 or 7 days, and we haven't packed anything. Normally I pack so far ahead of time that I have to unpack things before moving because I need to use them.

We are off to the lease signing this morning, and the reusable boxes  come tomorrow so we can start packing. I have grand designs for organization - numbering boxes, listing all the things in each - anything to make unpacking easier since we'll have house guests within a week of moving. I admit, I like going to the store and buying markers and box tape. Supplies! My nerdy 3rd grade self is in ecstasy.

I gave Charlie my cold from last week, so today is a good day to take it easy, drink some tea, meditate, and enjoy the calm before the storm. How long do you wait before you pack? Any tips you can offer?