Time for some revamping

I'm changing this page from an exclusively opera-singer website to a "hi, I'm Greer, this is me, hope you find it interesting" website. Since I don't have a manager or agent telling me I need to have things a certain way, I am the one in control; nor do I have to subscribe to the so-called norms of a performer's website. How freeing is THAT?? Therefore, my website is about all of me, my journeys through the struggles of career and life, and the fun things I like to do. Plus, some swearing, because, you know what? I do that sometimes.

So, please bear with me as I iron out the kinks. I really hope to start some actual blogging (I think I've said that 100 times over the past few years), but now it's actually possible because I'm not confined to writing what I'm doing musically. It's wonderfully freeing to realize I'm not confined to ANYTHING. It's been a long path to that realization. Something to post about!