Happy November

The last 6 weeks have come and gone in a busy blur of moving, travel, house guests, work, haircuts and Hurricane Sandy. I've now managed to settle in and schedule some time for posts (I've had photos for a few weeks but by picking up extra work shifts I've not had the time to upload them until today!).

We moved to Brooklyn (our neighborhood is called Prospect Lefferts Gardens) at the end of September and love our new apartment. The kitchen has more storage and counter top space than any apartment I've had before, which made unpacking a breeze. 

I cut all my hair off! I donated the braid to Locks of Love. Before and afters:

We went to Chicago (again!) for another wedding of more dear friends. It sounds like I'm complaining, but aside from all the travel, all of these weddings were incredibly fun, and gave us great excuses to go hang with our Chicago crowd. 

Hurricane Sandy was devastating and awful for a large portion of the Tri-State area. So we feel incredibly lucky that our apartment was miles from any evacuation area and that the storm in our neck of the woods was essentially a non-event. The lights flickered a few times and our cell reception has been spotty the past few days, but we kept water, power, and internet the entire time.

I've been accepted to a mentoring/assistant position at my training studio, and am now assisting Lisa's Friday night Center class at Sonic. I'm absolutely loving it so far, so if you're in NYC, please come by for class! I'd love to see you.