Homemade Lavender Sunblock

I hate the smell of store-bought sunscreen. Once it gets on your towel and swim suit and clothes, there is no amount of washing that will get rid of that smell. Plus, I hear tell that the chemical filters in most sunscreens aren't so terribly good for you. Therefore, in an effort to be less chemical-y and nicer to the environment and my nose, I decided to make a homemade physical barrier version with zinc oxide. 

Things I made today
Raspberry Lemon Muffins (grain free, dairy free)

I've been making a lot of muffins lately. The grain free ones tend to be filling, which is good. Since I'm often running behind, I like to have something I can take with me as I walk to the train. They also make a nice treat after dinner to curb our chocolate (or on really bad nights, pizza) cravings.

Pardon the break

I had SO MUCH fodder for excellent posting the past 6 months. Since my last post, I've starred in a show, traveled to Japan, started a new job, traveled for a wedding, hosted Thanksgiving, got swept up in the the whirlwind that is The Holidays, and all that while planning my wedding and getting married in Chicago in January.


Recently, the Rhymes with Greer household had made to the decision that once all the booze in the apartment was gone, there would be no more to replace it, at least for a while. A Manhattan or scotch on the rocks every evening wasn't necessary, and often one would turn into two, two into three. Pretty soon we'd have ordered take out, finished off the most recent season of Doctor Who and started in on Torchwood before realizing it was one or two in the morning. What we needed was a break from that dubious ritual, and the way to get it was to deny ourselves the pleasure for a time.