I am a home chef, mac-head, domestic/DIY enthusiast, and perky optimist. Additionally, I really enjoy changing my hair and attempting to write witty about pages.

I received my Bachelor of Music from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS and my Master of Music from The Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. I've sung in professional choirs, done well at a few competitions, and performed roles large and small, from youth outreach to regional opera. I'm also a certified yoga instructor who enjoys practicing my handstand against any available wall.

I cook a lot, and follow a primal lifestyle as best I can by avoiding processed food and grains. I enjoy all things fermented and make yogurt, kombucha, and anything pickled at home. I try to eliminate weird, nasty chemicals and love concocting home-made solutions for typically chemical products. 

I enjoy co-running our little household and am always looking for ways to improve the efficiency at which I can cook, clean, pay the bills, and organize while maximizing my fun time. I try to experience life with an attitude of amused detachment

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Charlie and our cat Sky.