Homemade Lavender Sunblock

I hate the smell of store-bought sunscreen. Once it gets on your towel and swim suit and clothes, there is no amount of washing that will get rid of that smell. Plus, I hear tell that the chemical filters in most sunscreens aren't so terribly good for you. Therefore, in an effort to be less chemical-y and nicer to the environment and my nose, I decided to make a homemade physical barrier version with zinc oxide. 

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Raspberry Lemon Muffins (grain free, dairy free)

I've been making a lot of muffins lately. The grain free ones tend to be filling, which is good. Since I'm often running behind, I like to have something I can take with me as I walk to the train. They also make a nice treat after dinner to curb our chocolate (or on really bad nights, pizza) cravings.

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Weekends in Brooklyn

St. Patrick's Day celebrations are this weekend, and I am happy to report we have no plans to leave Brooklyn at any point during this time. Not that we don't love having fun in the city, but the planned-MTA-construction-delays/drunk-assholes/holiday-weekend-in-NYC combination is really unfortunate. We've experienced it many times. Normally it takes about 40 minutes door to door for us to get from Greenwich Village to our apartment; on a number of similar weekends in the past we've spent the better part of two hours getting home. Anywhere farther and it's even worse.

So our plans for the next few days include drinking some lovely wine (which I picked up from our local wine shop, 65 Fen), eating beef stew and our favorite brand of chocolate (Green and Blacks!), cleaning the apartment, and doing laundry. If I'm really feeling motivated I might do my taxes, though I might have to let it turn the evil red "YOU HAVEN'T DONE THIS" color on our task app. Though he has homework due immediately following, Husband has spring break next week. I'm hoping that means we have time to enjoy the potentially nice weather and walk around the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens tomorrow.

Also, apparently our neighborhood is now on the map, so we should be happy to stick around here few a few days.

What are you doing this weekend? Cheers, to whatever it is!